Prepare your visitors as thoroughly as possible. By providing visitors with information about the accessibility of your event, providing a map of your event site, and informing them about various practical matters during your event, you increase the appreciation that a visitor has for your event. Someone who goes well-prepared knows what to expect and experiences the visit more positively.

We are happy to provide visitors with comprehensive information about what they can expect at the event. This includes:

- How is accessibility via public transportation?

- Where and how can parking be done?

- What does the event site look like?

- How does the cloakroom and consumption work?

- What is the program like?

- What does the organizer expect from a visitor?

- How is it arranged after the event?

We can inform your visitors in several ways:

- Through our consumer knowledge base.

- Via a service email that we send out a few days before the event.

- NEW: Through a special FAQ code on the E-ticket.

Special Information Code on E-ticket

One of our newest features is the inclusion of an FAQ code on the E-ticket. If a visitor has printed the E-ticket, this code is scannable with a smartphone. If a visitor has the E-ticket digitally on their phone, this code is clickable. Upon scanning or clicking the FAQ code, our knowledge base with all event information opens directly. This allows visitors to be informed before attending the event, and they can also quickly and easily access all necessary information during the event.

Scan the FAQ code on the E-ticket below to see how it works.