Ticketpoint has developed a functionality to sell seats within seating plans with 1.5 meters distance between the seats. We adhere to the following principles:

- Rows are made available row by row so that visitors can maintain a 1.5-meter distance in front/behind each other.

- Within the row, 2 or 3 seats are automatically blocked between each order before the next order is placed. This ensures that visitors can also maintain a 1.5-meter distance to the left/right of each other.

You can watch a video demonstrating how this looks in the online module for consumers here:

Video Link

Of course, we are happy to brainstorm additional options to effectively regulate visitor flows on-site. Some options include:

- Creating extra entrances, where we can display the correct entrance on the ticket for each visitor.

- Introducing entry in time slots. Let visitors from the upper rows enter the stadium first, followed by visitors from the lower rows. This reduces pressure at the entrance and in the seating area. We will include entry times on the ticket.

We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.