When we create a page for your event, we ensure proper SEO optimization. This means using the right techniques to boost your event's ranking on Google. This makes the event's detail page on our website more discoverable for potential visitors.

We ask you as the client to provide a piece of text about the event. This will be placed on the event page. We are happy to assist and provide advice to make it as strong and effective as possible. Below are a few tips for creating a text that performs well in terms of visibility.

Tips for providing a readable text:

  • Provide a text of at least 300 words;
  • Mention the event in the first paragraph;
  • Keep the paragraphs relatively short;
  • Avoid too many sentences with more than 20 words;
  • Include headings;
  • Keep the text easy to read;
  • Use the appropriate keywords in your text.

Do you need help writing a good text?

Have you checked if your event is easily findable on Google? Good visibility on Google is crucial for ticket sales. Also, consider the different search terms potential visitors might use to find your event.

Writing a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) text is essential for this. An SEO text is structured with the right keywords and is clear and readable for your visitors. It's a skill not everyone masters, but it's so important for your ticket sales.

That's why we've hired experienced copywriters who can write an SEO text for you. The normal cost for this service is €95. I'd like to offer you an initial SEO text for €50. Additionally, you'll receive 2 free texts for your social media pages to promote ticket sales.

Want to know more? Send me a message at support@ticketpoint.nl.