Every venue must consider how to effectively regulate visitor flows within our new so-called one-and-a-half-meter society. Ticketpoint offers practical solutions that are immediately, quickly, and easily applicable and deployable. From fast and reliable online reservation based on timeslots, insight into visitor numbers to direct communication and (maintaining) contact with existing and future visitors. Our solutions are proven to be efficient, COVID-proof, and aimed at sustainable trust between the venue and visitors.

Utilize the Ticketpoint partner platform for free for ticket sales, extensive upsell opportunities ranging from merchandise to public transport tickets, parking tickets, and tokens, along with maximum online marketing support.

With Timeslots, you limit the capacity of your event within a certain time period. You ensure that visitors attend your event or venue in a regulated manner, thereby preventing overcrowding.

You can also apply timeslots within an existing event. Think of offering an upsell ticket for a meet & greet where you want to receive fans at different times.