Reliable Scanning

Use the free scan app on your mobile to check the sold tickets. For larger events, we deploy the lightning-fast pistol scanner for smooth scanning, resulting in a seamless flow of entry. The notifications are clearly visible on the screen and disappear only when the next scan is activated. The architecture of the app ensures reliability, even if the internet connection temporarily drops. No queues due to malfunctioning scanners, no frustration during entry.

What scanning options do we offer?

  • Ticket validation: Identify invalid and double-scanned tickets.
  • In and out scanning: If someone temporarily leaves the venue (e.g., to retrieve something from the car), we can scan them out and then back in.
  • Multiple entrances: We scan at different points; choose which ticket types can enter at which location.
  • Managing visitor flows: For example, we separate seating and standing areas for scanning.
  • Real-time overview: Quickly see how many people are inside and still need to enter via a real-time scan dashboard.
  • Scan report: After the event, you'll receive a scan report detailing the number of people scanned and per ticket type.

What is needed to scan?

  • WiFi or hotspot connection for the scanners. If not available onsite, we provide our own internet hotspot.

What are the costs?

  • Scan app on your own mobile phone: Free (suitable for smaller ticket quantities).
  • Scanner per day: €85. If you need the scanners for more than one day, inquire about extended options.
  • Ticketpoint staff on location: €35 per hour excluding €0.19 per km travel expenses.

Instruction Video

We have an instructional video available that provides a detailed explanation of the scanning system. You can find it here.