VIP arrangements can be set up in various ways. Since this target group usually receives a more extensive package and pays substantially more for a ticket, the handling of VIP arrangements should be smooth. We have years of experience with VIP ticketing for various types of events.

It's important to know how you want to offer your VIP ticket:

  • Does someone simply receive an E-ticket granting access to a special VIP room or VIP deck? In that case, we can set up a simple ticket shop.
  • Does a VIP buyer need to receive a complete package including an invitation, parking passes, vouchers, and access passes? If so, we are happy to discuss this because it is also possible. We can handle the entire process of booking, payment, packaging, and shipping of the VIP packages.
  • New in our range are VIP wristbands: a wristband with an easy-to-scan QR code. All the information the buyer of the VIP arrangement needs is printed on the wristband. The wristbands are sent by mail with a stylishly designed invitation.

VIP arrangements are often tailored to individual needs. We are happy to discuss how we can offer the most suitable solution and do so with the utmost care because the utmost care is what a VIP guest deserves.