When setting up specific promotions, we always advise contacting us beforehand. We are always happy to brainstorm with you to maximize the effectiveness of your sales. Here are some examples of promotional ticketing that we have outlined for you:

Use of Auction Sites

There are various online auction sites where you can sell tickets. We always advise caution when using these aggressive sales methods. Tickets are often offered below the regular price, and consumers may wait for such offers for future editions. This can often result in a decrease in spending per visitor.

If you still wish to use auction sites, please inform us in advance. We can guide you through this process. We can provide voucher codes that the auction site can sell. Subsequently, the visitor redeems these voucher codes online through our ordering module. This way, you retain the data of these buyers, we ensure a fully functional scanning system, and your selling capabilities remain up-to-date.

Promotional Ticketing with External Companies

Supermarkets, including local ones, engage in various promotional activities, such as offering knife sets, football stickers, discounts on amusement parks, or promotions for concert tickets. These promotions are primarily aimed at increasing sales and enhancing customer engagement. For example, we have collaborated with supermarket chain Jumbo, who sold a special Toppers in Concert edition to their customers. You can watch the promotional commercial for this campaign.