Our staff are available Monday to Friday between 09:00 - 17:30 for support inquiries by phone and email. You can reach us at:

T: +31 73 30 30 240

E: support@ticketpoint.nl

Looking for a quick real-time response from us? Try our chatbot. You can chat with us 24/7 via www.ticketpoint.nl/tickey.

We kindly ask you to consider our office hours and send your support inquiries within those times. During weekends, we can be reached via support@ticketpoint.nl. The support staff on duty will assess whether your request requires immediate attention or can wait until after the weekend.

In case of emergencies during event days, we are available by phone on our emergency number: +31 6 29 29 8335. The on-duty staff member will determine if the request is urgent enough to be addressed immediately, or if a support ticket can be created to be addressed after the weekend.

For non-urgent matters, you can simply send an email to support@ticketpoint, or reach us by phone on Monday to Friday. We kindly ask you to use our regular office hours as much as possible. The emergency number is available outside office hours at +31 6 29 29 8335 and as mentioned, should only be used in case of emergency.