Imagine you promote your Facebook post to a group of 10,000 people, and you've set a budget sufficient to display your ad 10,000 times.

How many times does each person see your promoted post?

All 10,000 people see it once?

Unfortunately... wrong.

Facebook actually only shows your promoted post to about one-third of your target audience. They then see your ad three times, while two-thirds don't see anything at all.

So, who falls into the group that does see your ad? That's right, the people Facebook knows are more likely to like things quickly.

Why? Well, most entrepreneurs who promote a post judge its 'success' based on the number of likes and comments it receives.

But... a like doesn't mean revenue. In fact, a like doesn't even guarantee that person will see your Facebook posts in the future. So how can you effectively reach your audience?

There are far more effective methods for placing ads on Facebook than using the familiar 'Boost Post' feature. There's actually a comprehensive advertising system hidden in the backend of Facebook.

The benefits are enormous:

  • Your ad can reach your entire target audience!
  • You can target people who are more likely to BUY from you rather than just like your post.
  • You can reach people who have visited your website. They're warm leads because they already know you!
  • You can test multiple variations of your ad (different images and text). Often, simply changing the image can lead to 2-3 times more return on your ad investment.