For various reasons, it may be necessary for your scanning staff to have additional information while scanning. For example, visitors may have forgotten their tickets, or the QR codes on the tickets may be unclear due to poor printing or becoming unreadable due to bad weather. We have developed a very useful feature for this purpose, allowing scanning staff to instantly retrieve the QR codes of visitors' tickets.

This functionality is available on:

  • Phone
  • iPad
  • Computer / Laptop

The event organizer will receive a login that allows the following actions:

  • Go to
  • Log in with the assigned email address and password. Alternatively, a new password can be requested via the Forgot Password function.
  • A screen titled Orders will now appear.
  • On the right side of the screen, there is a search bar with the text Search Orders.
  • Type a search criteria here (you can search by name, email address, street name, postal code, city, etc.).
  • A list of all orders from this person will appear. In this list, you will immediately see on the right whether this order is FULLY paid (in green) or if it is INCOMPLETELY paid (red). Therefore, first check if the correct payment has been made.
  • By clicking on the order, the order will open, and you will see which tickets are included. You will see how many tickets, for which seats, and which QR codes belong to them.

The QR codes are scannable directly from the screen.

The tickets (if someone has forgotten them) can be noted or photographed directly.

With the above functionality, we believe that scanning at the entrance door will be even easier.

Attachment 1:

Step 6: the list of orders and payment statuses.

Attachment 2:

Step 7: The order itself including price type, category, seat numbers, and QR code.

Tabs with additional information:

Tickets: This tab visually displays the key ticket information for this order (QR code, event name, date, time, location, price, category, and seat description if applicable).

Contact: This tab contains the buyer's contact information.

Customer Service: This tab provides a link to our customer service portal. If the consumer has communicated with us through customer service, it is visible here. For example, you may see a request for a change or relocation.

Logs: This tab shows the actions taken with the entire order. If the actions were performed by the consumer online, no user is added. If the action was performed by one of our staff members, the user who performed the action is indicated.