We provide actionable insights for leveraging Social Media.

Anyone can quickly create a post on Facebook and boost it. Wrong!! A waste of budget.

At Ticketpoint, we carefully consider the content, image, title, and text before creating a post.

Boosting is great for likes but it doesn't drive conversions.

We create various ads and test which one performs best (A/B testing).

Is it ad with image 1, 2, or 3, or with long or short text, 4, 5, or 6?

Which placement on Facebook yields the best results? Left, right, or in the middle?

How do we engage your audience, do we implement gamification (games), should the post contain humor, or do we want to know the visitor's opinion? In short, we engage the target audience! But first, we analyze the audience to determine which posts perform best and the best time to post.

The main benefits:

Data from visitors of previous event(s) are not only suitable for newsletters but can also be imported into Facebook, allowing us to advertise directly to them. Additionally, we can find Lookalike Audiences with similar interests to your visitors and advertise to them as well. In short, we proactively target the audience!

How do we proceed?

  • We determine the objectives together;
  • We set a budget;
  • Setting up a content calendar (in consultation): this provides an overview of the scheduled posts;
  • Analyzing post reach and objectives;

Facebook campaign (posts)

This involves creating, formatting, and scheduling posts to encourage interactions.

Tasks include:

  • Coming up with post ideas: interaction, conversion, gamification, contests, likes, shares.
  • Setting up the project management system for internal communication.

Advertising on Facebook

One-time setup and configuration of Facebook campaigns:

  • Setting up Facebook campaigns
  • Campaign reach: to be discussed
  • Targeting based on demographic and geographic data of the audience
  • Ability to target with a customer list, custom audience (using email addresses)
  • Up to 2 Facebook ad variations
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Excludes necessary click budget (advertising budget)
  • Campaign planning: Monday to Sunday

Monthly investment for service and maintenance:

  • Management and administration of campaigns
  • Maintenance and optimization of campaigns
  • Monthly reporting with campaign results
  • For Facebook ad variations, Facebook advertising and the Facebook Carousel will be utilized. 
  • If desired, this can be supplemented with Facebook remarketing. 
  • The banners (JPEG) for the campaign can be provided by Ticketpoint for an additional cost of €45.00 per hour.