Utilize our data optimally by deploying newsletter campaigns.

What does a newsletter campaign entail?

A newsletter campaign is a significant component of the online marketing campaign surrounding an event. Before an event goes on public sale, a presale targeted at fans and previous attendees of the event takes place. During this presale, we send out a total of three exclusive newsletters that are only intended for this audience, thereby stimulating sales and encouraging people to buy tickets earlier.

The newsletter campaign consists of:

  • Teaser (e.g., start of presale) In the teaser, fans are alerted that they can take advantage of a very exclusive presale for an event. This encourages them to buy a ticket immediately. Often, a certain discount is offered during the presale. By starting with a grand announcement, the event immediately gains attention.
  • Remail #1 (e.g., last 3 days) We resend this email approximately three days before the end of the exclusive presale to fans who haven't purchased a ticket yet.
  • Remail #2 (e.g., last day) This email is sent one day before the end of the presale to fans who still haven't bought tickets. The subject line often emphasizes the urgency.

What data do we have?

We have been collecting large amounts of data from the outset. We have categorized our data into various labels, environments, and events, ensuring that newsletters are always sent to consumers we believe are interested in the event. When we send out a newsletter, we further enrich the click behavior with interests so that we can reach consumers very specifically with the right interest. Our data quality is up-to-date, maintained, and we believe in data segmentation. We have access to over 1 million data points with an average of 2.3 interests.

What do we consider in the newsletter layout?

Layout: It should be immediately clear what the newsletter contains at a glance.

Subject: We ensure a catchy subject line that triggers the consumer to open the newsletter.

Text: We keep it short, concise, and catchy. We use a compelling title and place the right call-to-action in the text. Only the most important information is included in the newsletter, and key words are bolded.

Call to Action: Our orange buttons stand out, making it easy for readers to see where they can order tickets at a glance.

Everything is clickable: Every image or button is clickable and leads either to the detail page for more information or to the page where they can order tickets directly.

Below are two examples of our newsletters. You can choose to send a newsletter in a Ticketpoint template (left) or in a custom template that we can set up specifically for you (right).