Our season tickets are offered in two ways:

1. Mobile ticket

2. Plastic hard card

Mobile ticket:

Upon order confirmation, the purchaser of the season ticket receives a download link to save the season ticket as a mobile ticket in Wallet or Passbook. This way, the purchaser always has the season ticket easily accessible.

Plastic hard card:

The season ticket can be printed on a plastic hard card in credit card format. These season tickets can be distributed to the purchasers. Optionally, Ticketpoint can handle the shipping.

Important information:

We use a standard layout for the hard cards. Below are the specifications:

Size: ISO/IEC 7810 - 85.60 x 54 mm

Thickness: 0.76 mm

Material: PVC

Standard layout:

The front of the season ticket can be printed by the club with a design of their choice. This could include images, logos, etc. We recommend using a new layout each season so that stewards can quickly visually verify that people have the correct season ticket.

The back is printed by Ticketpoint. It includes a QR code, the name of the season ticket holder, the type of season ticket, and if applicable, the specific seat location. A small design such as a logo on the back is possible, but consider the space available for printing. Ensure that the QR code is printed on a white background.

Here is an example of the bare printable layout: