To ensure the success of your event ticket sales, it's important to clearly mention the date of the concert and where tickets can be purchased on the website and social media channels of both the promoter, venue, and artist(s).

For the promoter, venue, and artist(s), the following steps should be implemented with a prominent 'order tickets' button or call to action:

  • Add the event to the website with a clear call to action.
  • Add the event to Facebook.
  • Post about the event, lineup, and venue on Facebook.

Our experience shows that it's not effective to start sales 'out of the blue' without first engaging in a marketing campaign or completing the above activities. Ensure that your event is easily discoverable before initiating ticket sales.

You can request a separate sales link for each sales point via, or create one yourself. This way, we can effectively measure which campaigns perform best in Google Analytics reports.