The Opticon scanner can be paired with your phone (Apple or Android), iPod, iPad, or tablet via Bluetooth.

A simple and quick scanning solution.

To connect, simply pair the scanner via Bluetooth, open the Ticketmatic scan app, select your event(s), and you're ready to scan.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Press and hold the rear '-' button until it beeps and blinks. Then, open the settings on your phone or iPad and navigate to the Bluetooth connection settings. Connect to the correct device (using the number on the back of the scanner and the box) and press 'Connect.'
  2. Open the Ticketmatic scan app, log in, and select the event.
  3. Press the scanner button, and your phone will receive a notification.

Note: Pair the devices first, then open the Ticketmatic app.

Watch the instructional video on how to pair our Opticon handheld scanner with your phone.

Instructional video for pairing the scanner with your phone.

In the Ticketmatic app, navigate to the gear icon (top right) and enable fast switching.