During the entry process of your event, you want to efficiently and quickly guide your visitors onto the premises. Our fast and accurate scanners contribute to swift entry. Additionally, we continuously consider a ticket layout that is as clear as possible, as the design of your ticket can also facilitate fast entry.

For this reason, we include icons on the ticket. If you want to quickly check whether, for example, children and adults have paid the correct fare, we have price icons placed on the ticket. This way, you can quickly see at a glance whether the ticket is for a child, an adult, or a senior citizen ticket, without needing to memorize all the prices. This enables you to quickly identify if people haven't paid enough for their ticket.

Below are examples of some icons used on the tickets:

General Old Age Pension (AOW)
Relation Ticket
Wheelchair Companion
Auction / Promotional Ticket

On the ticket, you can easily find the icon: