Ticketpoint has its own online shop, where various products are offered: CDs, DVDs, merchandise. We handle the entire fulfillment process. These are all the processes that are initiated from the moment the customer clicks on "Order." The product is offered in our webshop. You are so close to the target audience because someone who buys a ticket for an event is a potential customer to buy a product from the respective artist(s). For example, we can set the product page as a landing page, as described in the Upsell.

1. Inventory: We manage the inventory of all products. We monitor and replenish it as needed.

2. Shipping: When a product is ordered and paid for, it is shipped from the Ticketpoint office. The customer pays the shipping costs.

3. Customer Care: We handle customer care for customers who have questions about their order, delivery, payment method, etc. These inquiries are monitored and handled in our customer service system.

4. GFK: Products sold in our webshop count towards and therefore influence the official charts.