Bundles are collections of different tickets. These can be various tickets for one event or for different events.

Family Pack

For Disney On Ice, we designed a family pack. This included the admission ticket, a tub of popcorn, and the program booklet. The customer received three vouchers: one for the admission ticket, one for the popcorn, and one for the program booklet. Visitors could redeem these vouchers on-site for the respective products. These vouchers can be set up separately with scanning capability and can be scanned using a smartphone.


For multi-day events, we can create Passe-Partouts. These are bundles for different days, offering a financial advantage to the customer. The customer also receives one admission ticket for each day. Times and locations can vary per day, allowing us to adjust the information accordingly. We see a trend towards scanning vouchers and admission tickets via smartphones. Visitors can easily swipe between different tickets/vouchers.

Family Bundles

Create a bundle, for example, with 2 adult tickets and 2 child tickets. This allows the entire family to attend the event together at a favorable rate.