Ticketpoint offers various delivery options for tickets to its customers. We have the following options available:


An E-ticket is sent directly from our ticketing system to the customer's email address.

The customer can open this email on their computer and immediately access and print the E-ticket.

When placing an order, you receive all tickets in one batch, which can be printed. It is not possible to share individual E-tickets with someone else.


Halftickets are hardcopy tickets printed directly from our thermal Boca printers.

We send these tickets by mail to customers or print them directly from our on-site ticketing system.


For an additional fee, customers can choose to have their tickets sent by registered mail instead of regular mail. The cost for this service is borne by the customer, and the choice is optional.


We offer the option to have tickets delivered in a Ticketpoint gift packaging as standard. This allows tickets to be presented in a fun way as a gift to friends, family, or acquaintances.

If you would like to offer your own gift packaging, this is certainly possible. Please inquire with us about the options available.


A mobile ticket, or M-ticket, is sent directly to a customer's phone from our ticketing system via email.

The visitor opens the mobile ticket using a special app. In this app, besides the ticket, additional information about your event is provided. Additionally, visitors can directly search for directions to the event.

It is also possible to scan the QR code with a smartwatch, such as the Apple Watch, at a scanning point to gain access.

If a visitor has multiple tickets, each ticket can be shared individually with friends. Learn more about sharing Mobile tickets with friends.

Would you like to take it a step further and ensure that ticket resale is impossible? We can enhance access control at your event with our special High Secure Mobile Tickets. These special mobile tickets are also available to the visitor in the app. Because the QR codes change every thirty seconds, visitors cannot resell the tickets in any way, and making and reselling screenshots is also not possible.


Hardcards are issued for season tickets, for example, for a specific sports club or association.

Below is an example of a hardcard season ticket from Tilburg Trappers.