Ticketpoint can set up a cash register and information point at the event location.

We have the following equipment available:

  • Cash register screens and corresponding keyboards
  • Thermal ticket printers, so we can print tickets for customers on the spot
  • Half-finished tickets to reprint (new) orders
  • Change for cash payments
  • Card payment terminals
  • User-friendly scanning equipment
  • Mifi points: personal Wi-Fi hotspots in case there is no internet available

Cash register equipment is provided free of charge and can only be ordered in combination with a cashier and/or supervisor.

The hourly rate for a cashier is €27.50.

The hourly rate for a supervisor is €35.

We require a minimum of 4 work hours per staff member. Costs exclude €0.19 travel expenses per kilometer from Den Bosch.

The client is responsible for providing crew catering and covering the associated costs.