Occasionally, it's good to return to basics. To the mothership of all internet functionalities, the call-to-action. In the attachment, you will find an inventory of how good links, buttons, or banners can drastically increase your conversion rate.

The call to action

On a website, enticing the visitor is a must. The call-to-action must deliver it all. It's the sublime opening line in the digital pub. The call-to-action is all about temptation, about love, and about persuasion. It's about encouraging your website visitors to take a specific action.

Internet marketers often forget that website visitors experience resistance when taking action. Clicking on a link is not a natural activity; it requires overcoming a barrier, no matter how small. Because if visitors don't know what lies behind the next page or the benefit of clicking on the link, many will refrain from doing so. This results in a poor conversion rate.

The call-to-action appears in the form of a link, a button, or a banner. Consistently and correctly applying a noticeable and effective call-to-action will certainly increase the conversion rate.

The form

The call-to-action typically takes the form of a button. This yields better results than text links or banners.

The color

Opinions on the color of the CTA button are somewhat divided. Generally, experts say that orange is the best color for the call-to-action button. Red signifies danger and green does not prompt action. When you see an orange traffic light, you often press the gas pedal a bit harder, it prompts action. On the other hand: If the website has orange as its base color, it is not advisable to use this color for your main action button. It is best if the call-to-action button has a unique color that is not otherwise used on the website and is not part of the brand identity. Below is a call-to-action color scheme.

The text

So what do you place in the button? Definitely not: 'click here'. Grass is green, and so people know that you have to click on a button. Be as precise as possible. What is the benefit of clicking? What can I expect? Use a verb to stimulate action. The best buttons have a verb and convey a sense of urgency. Think of: call now, buy today, register now, contact now, buy now - offer valid until December 23rd.


< Click here >: dramatically bad

< Contact >: slightly better

< Contact now >: just right


The call-to-action is not an area where you will discover many new developments. However, since so few websites have a consistent and effective application of the CTA, emphasizing its importance remains useful. There is much to gain. Conversion ratios skyrocket with the correct application of CTA rules.