When organizing an event with assigned seating, we offer the option to allocate seats to attendees.

What information do you need to provide for a seating plan?

  • A floor plan of the venue/stadium. Note: this floor plan is essential for the seating plan and cannot be altered during the ticket sales period.
  • A list of accurate seat and row numbers. Note: seat and row numbers cannot be changed during the ticket sales period.
  • Specify which seats correspond to each category (section, row, and seat numbers) for each price category.


Submitting the seating plan:

The seating plan can be provided in various file formats (Excel, SVG, PDF, blueprint from the stadium/venue builder), as long as the required information is included. The seating plan can be emailed to support@ticketpoint.nl.

The seating plan forms the foundation of your ticketing module and is the very first piece of information we work with. Therefore, receiving the correct seating plan is always our top priority.