League Matches

We have developed a special Sports Module that offers the option to purchase a season ticket for a designated, fixed seat. The access to specific matches with this ticket is flexible and entirely customizable according to your preferences.

Season Ticket for All Matches

One option is to grant season ticket holders access to all matches played throughout the season, including playoffs and promotion matches.

Season Ticket for X Number of Matches

You can choose to provide season ticket holders with access to regular league matches and offer them, for example, a X% discount during playoffs. Season ticket holders would then have the right to purchase their seat at a X% discount. A payment deadline can be set, requiring payment within a certain number of hours. After this deadline, the seat would be released for regular sale.

If a season ticket holder still wishes to purchase a ticket after the payment deadline has passed, you can offer them tickets at a X% discount.

Season tickets can be delivered as mobile tickets, e-tickets, or as hard copy tickets.

Season Ticket Renewal

Renewing a season ticket has never been easier, both for the visitor and for you as the organizer. After the end of the season, the supporter receives an email immediately with a reservation for their own seat for the next season. Through an iDeal link, the supporter can directly pay for their own seat for the following season.

You can specify until when supporters have the opportunity to renew their own seat. A few days before the deadline, we automatically send out a reminder if payment has not yet been made. If renewal ultimately does not occur, the reservation automatically expires, and the seat becomes available for general sale.