With the Scan app, you can easily perform access control for tickets, including hardcopy, e-tickets, and mobile tickets.

The Scan App is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free.

Installing the app

You can download the "Ticketmatic scanning app" from the App Store or Google Play. Install this app on your phone. We kindly ask you to delete the app after scanning your event.

Please make sure to download the correct app. The icon of the app currently consists of 2 green squares.

The app is very user-friendly, even if you have no experience in ticket scanning.

Features of the app:

  • After initializing the app with your account, you can select the event from which you want to scan barcodes and tickets;
  • The app prepares all valid barcodes for the selected event, offering several advantages:
  • Scanning tickets is fast because the app doesn't need to connect to the server;
  • The Scan App continues to work even if the internet connection is lost;
  • While scanning, the app continuously synchronizes with the servers, allowing you to use multiple scanners simultaneously;
  • Supports both 1D and 2D barcodes;
  • You can scan tickets using your smartphone or tablet's camera function;
  • Scanning is possible at multiple entrances simultaneously; select which tickets you want to grant access to at each entrance.

Use the app in the following way:

  • Install the correct scanning app on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • You will receive the login details for the app from Ticketpoint in the week leading up to your event.
  • Then select the event for which you will be scanning. If you are scanning for multiple events, use "Multiple events" (see figure 1).
  • Once you have selected the event, all barcodes will be loaded (see figure 2).
  • When you see the rotating radar, your smartphone or tablet is ready to scan (see figure 3).
  • When a ticket is presented, click on the camera icon and hold your smartphone/tablet above the presented QR code.
  • If the ticket is approved, the screen will turn green. If the ticket is rejected, the screen will turn red.

The app provides clear notifications when:

  • If valid access, the app turns green.
  • If access is not valid, the app turns red. There are several error messages displayed in the bottom bar:
  • Barcode is invalid: This barcode is not recognized within this event. No access. Tip: check the date of the ticket. Could someone be using a ticket from a previous edition?
  • Ticket not allowed here: This error message only appears if you have different types of tickets entering through different entrances. This error message indicates that the ticket is valid, but it is being presented at the wrong entrance. Direct people to the correct entrance.
  • Ticket already scanned: This error message indicates that the ticket has already been scanned before. It also indicates how long ago the ticket was scanned. If it was scanned 1 or 2 seconds ago, consider whether you accidentally scanned the ticket too quickly. If the ticket was scanned several minutes ago, check whether another person is trying to enter with the same ticket.

Extra Settings

Via the cogwheel icon at the top right corner of the screen, additional settings are available. The following functions are accessible here:

Scan Mode

By default, the scanner is set to "Entry" scanning, which only scans entries. Optionally, the scanner can be switched here to also scan "exits". The same ticket can then be scanned again as "entry". Use this, for example, when people temporarily leave the premises to later return.


Click on "log" at the top right of the settings screen (see previous screenshots) to see the reason for the error message of a ticket.

Ticket Types

By default, all available ticket types are selected. Here, you can exclude or select specific price types. For example, if you have a separate VIP entrance and only want VIP tickets to access it, you can select the VIP ticket type here. Note: Only the ticket types created for your event are selectable.

Example: You are organizing an event, and this event has the following ticket types:


B: Press

C: Crew

D: General Admission

On-site, these are the entrances: import the barcodes per ticket type you want to be able to scan for each entrance:

Entrance 1: A (VIP)

Entrance 2: B (Press)

Entrance 3: C (Crew)

Entrance 4: B & D (Press & General Admission)

Entrance 5: B, C, D (Press, Crew, & General Admission)