You will receive an email from us at the address asking you to register for our Ticketmatic environment. Once you complete this registration, you will have access to your sales dashboard. Here, you will find the current sales status of your event, which you can check in real-time at any time of the day.

Note: Use the registration link for registration. After completing the registration, you can log in for subsequent sessions via

Are you selling multiple events simultaneously? After registration, only one dashboard will be visible. Let us know when you have completed the registration so that we can add your other events to your dashboard as well.

On the sales dashboard, you will see the following information:

  • Overview of total sold, reserved, in basket, available, and blocked tickets.
  • Daily sales overview, indicating whether your marketing and social media efforts have led to additional sales.
  • Cumulative overview of tickets sold per day, helping you track whether you are on schedule to sell out by the end of the sales period.
  • Overview bar showing sold tickets, reserved tickets, and tickets in order.
  • If your event has multiple tiers/contingents, you will also see sales per tier/contingent at the bottom of the dashboard.

Financial data is intentionally not included in the dashboard. This allows you to share the dashboard with the venue of your event or with the artists. If you require detailed financial reporting, please request it via

We monitor your sales status daily. If you have any questions about the sales status or if you want to implement special marketing or social media campaigns to boost sales, feel free to let us know. We can provide support for these initiatives.

A statement of the terms used in the dashboard:

Sold Tickets

Under the "Sold tickets" category, all tickets that have been sold are included. It represents the total of all tickets sold for which payment has been made.

Complementary Tickets
These are the distributed complimentary tickets (the free tickets, relation tickets, physical sales). In short, all tickets for which our administration records a €0,- amount.
Reserved Tickets
Number of tickets that have been reserved but not yet paid for. This occurs, for example, with telephone reservations where the payment does not occur at the same time as the reservation.
In basket

These are the tickets that are currently in the shopping cart during an online order.

Free Tickets    
The number of tickets that are still available.
Locked Tickets
The number of blocked and unavailable tickets.