It is possible to set up an Early Bird promotion. Early Bird tickets can be booked at the beginning of the sales period at a lower rate than the regular entrance fee.

Marketing Advantage

The marketing advantage of an Early Bird promotion is that you can target the sale of these tickets to a specific audience. It's a good marketing tool to reach buyers from previous years. It's also a good way to engage fans by offering them a gift: "You are a loyal fan of our organization/event, so we offer you the opportunity to purchase your tickets as one of the first at the cheapest possible price."


You can determine the Early Bird period yourself. This could be a month, a week, or a day; it doesn't matter. The period is set, and the Early Bird promotion automatically ends after the deadline.

It is also possible to make a certain number of tickets available for Early Bird sales. This depends on how the event is organized. If you want to make a fixed number of tickets available, it's best to contact us at Then we can discuss the options.