As an organization, you can choose to give away complimentary tickets or relationship tickets. Send all your invitees and contacts a ticket in advance. Here are the benefits:

  • Less handling at the door, no administration with a guest list.
  • Your contacts don't have to wait in line at a pickup counter but can quickly enter with their ticket.
  • In the scan report, you can immediately see how many contacts attended your event.

How to do it?

We roughly distinguish 3 ways in which you can invite your contacts. These mainly vary in the amount of work you have to do yourself.

  • As the organizer, you can send complimentary tickets directly to your invitees from the online module. They will then receive an email immediately in which they can download their complimentary tickets or open them in the app.
  • Want to do less work? Distribute unique personal voucher codes among your invitees with which they can redeem their tickets online themselves. This way, you still have control, and there is also less work involved. An additional advantage: because your invitees have to register themselves, our experience is that the percentage of no-shows is much lower.
  • Would you like Ticketpoint to take care of the invitation process for you? That is also possible. Send us a list of your invitees and the number of tickets they should receive, and we will send out the complimentary tickets. For this option, we are obliged to charge extra.

Send an email to stating which option you choose and how many complimentary tickets are needed. We will then arrange the setup for you.

Tip: Let your invitees know when they can expect the email with the tickets. This will make them anticipate the email, which has a favorable effect on the opening rates.